Brief on Water Supply


  • Source During and other than                 : Munneru River


  • Source During Summer                             : N.S. Canal
  • Present drawal of water from                  : Munneru River, Lakaram Cheruvu 
  • Filtration capacity                                        : 31.76 MLD
  • No. of Filters                                                  : 1 MGD (3 Nos) 2 MGD (1No)
  • No. of clear water motor pump sets        : 2 Nos. 120 HP
  • No. of Raw water pump house motors   : 100 HP 3 Nos + 30 HP VT pump sets
  • Per capita supply                                               : 100 to 110 lpcd
  • Water Supply per day                                       : 31.76 MLD
  • No. of House Service connections                : 24,500 Nos
  • No. of Public Stand Posts                                : 1190 Nos

No. of Hand pumps                                                      : 889+431=1320 Nos

                                                                              (Including surrounding Grampanchayats in Corporation)

  • The main source for Khammam water supply system is MunneruRiver and during summer season the water from Nagarjunasagar left canal will be drawn by gravity and impounded at Danavaigudem Head works (weir across MunneruRiver) of about 35 M. Cft.


  • At present the existing available water is sufficient up to 31-12-2013 and thereafter the requirement of water will be 35 M.cft for every 30 days of each spell.



  • Long pending issue regarding improvement of water supply system was sanctioned vide G.O. Rt. No. 1178, Dt. 17-09-2011 with an estimated cost of Rs. 74.10 Crores under UIDSSMT (JNNURM) for “Daily Water Supply” in Khammam town with Seven ELSRs and one 4.80 MGD filter Bed and the work is going on, which is being executing by the Public Health Engineering Department.
  • For supply of the Drinking water during summer season, a Detailed Project Report (DPR) with a project cost of Rs. 199.00 crores under JNNURM (UIDSSMT) is submitted for “construction of Summer Storage Tank” in 267 Acres land near Polepally (v) beside NS left canal with storage capacity of 378 MCft., The ENC(PH), Hyderabad has requested to submit the DPR duly approved by CE, CDO, Hyderabad. Accordingly the consultant requested to submit the same.
  • As per master plan Kasba Bazar road widening, Traffic Police Station to NS temple Road, ZP centre to Mutyalamma Temple Road, Harkara Well to Grain market, Railway Centre gate to Narthaki Talkies, Rajiv Statue to Mee Seva centre at Guttala bazaar Road widening works were  completed. At present the Wyra road to DRDA via NST Road, Mayuri Centre to Raparthy Nagar (By-pass road), road widening works sanctioned and are taken up under BPS/LRS (City Level) funds.
  • Revision of Water Supply tariff has been revised vide MCR No. 86,   Dt. 24.08.2011 from Rs. 60/- to Rs. 110/- per month for domestic connections on “No loss–No profit” basis raising the annual demand under water charges from Rs. 133.00 lakhs to   Rs. 240.00 lakhs.
  • Under BPL scheme (for Rs. 200/-) 4597 Tap Connections were sanctioned to the eligible BPL families.
  • (43) No of works worth Rs. 686.18 lakhs were taken up under 13th Finance Commission Grants from 2010-11 to 2012-13 and proposals for the works worth Rs. 533.25 lakhs for 2013-14 were made and submitted for approval.
  • 105 No of works worth Rs. 956.48 lakhs were taken up under BPS/LRS funds.
  • Under BRGF scheme 83 works worth Rs. 904.00 lakhs were taken up, during the years 2008-09 to 2012-13.
  • Further under BRGF scheme Perspective and Action Plan for the (5) years from 2012-13 to 2016-17 is approved with an amount of Rs. 438.35 lakhs (48 works) and 876.75 lakhs (61 works) respectively and Action plan for the year 2012-13 was approved and sanctioned for Rs. 176.35 lakhs (23) works. The works are under progress.
  • Central lighting system on 100ft by-pass road from Raparthynagar to RTO office Junction with a length of 1.1 Kms for Rs. 22.00 lakhs was taken up under 13th Finance commission and it is completed. And another two works at Nayabazar Junction and Z.P centre to Gandhi park flyover is taken up.
  • Under Non-Plan grants Assistance to Municipal Corporations for Maintenance of Roads Works proposals for an amount of Rs. 108.25 lakhs sanctioned for the year 2012-13 and work order issued.